Flip Cloth Diaper Review

One of the first modern cloth diapers I read about while researching cloth diapers was Flip diaper covers. Thanks to this helpful guide I discovered while pregnant with my first, written by Stephanie at Jornie.com

Even still, I initially chose to fill my stash with Flip's sister diaper, Bumgenius pockets. (Psst... I don't recommend committing to any single diaper before starting cloth. More things I wish I knew, here).
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If you know my diaper journey at all, you would know I ditched all the pockets a year ago, for a more simple diaper system- covers.
I just finally got around to purchasing my first Flip cover.

I was already familiar with the features of Bumgenius pockets, so the Flip cover was like taking in an old friend.



Flip is a one-size PUL diaper cover.
It has insert tuck flaps on each end, and soft, encased single-gusset leg elastics.
And my favorite feature, the Cotton Babies' signature stretchy tabs.

They come in all the highly recognizable Cotton Babies prints and colors.

Flip diaper covers are made to be used with one of three Flip inserts- stay dry, organic, or disposable. Like most covers though, they can be used with any insert of your choice (except raw microfiber)
I, OF COURSE, use it with pad-folded flour sack towels.

The cover can be used multiple times, as long as it is not soiled, by simply switching out the wet insert for a clean one.


I do really like the fit of Flip, which is practically identical to that of Bumgenius.
I wouldn't consider it the most trim fit, comparing it to some of my other favorite covers. It sits slightly higher in the back, and is just larger overall than my preferred fit.
Regardless of this, it does a great job of holding the insert in place.

Fit on my 15-month-old (19 lbs):

Fit on my 2 1/2-year-old (26 lbs):

-Easy to use
-Affordable diaper system: the diaper cover is only
-Versatile- besides having three Flip inserts to choose from, it can be used with any flat, fitted, or prefold of your choice

-No cross snaps for small babies
-Packaged in plastic. This is the first diaper I have EVER purchased that had packaging that wasn't recyclable cardboard

Overall, I would definitely recommend Flip diaper covers to anyone looking for something to fluff their stash with, or looking to try something new.

We will be purchasing more, especially if they drop some more irresistible prints!

They can be purchased directly through Amazon, Nicki's Diapers, or your favorite cloth diaper retail.

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