I took on the overwhelming task of rounding up the cloth diaper sales this past Earth Day, and I said I'd never do it again.

But Black Friday is here, and it is the biggest sale of the year in the cloth community, so I wanted to share the deals on my favorite products.

This post contains some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for my referral, at no extra cost to you. Affiliate sales help keep the light on for this blog, and allow me to test new brands and products to share with you, so I appreciate this support, a lot.

I won't be buying anything (well...maybe), but if I needed anything, these are the sales I would take advantage of:

1. Spray Pal Sprayer and Shield: I bought mine last Black Friday, and it has been a major game-changer for me. This is THE time to buy, when you can get such a good deal on them. Spray Pal is 20% off at Diaper Junction (they carry the shield only).
This is a not an affiliate, but I recommend keeping an eye on Spray Pal themselves to get the best deal- they did some pretty good door busters last year, including a free shield with the purchase of a sprayer (which was also discounted), so hopefully they will again!

You can see my review on my sprayer and shield here.

2. Wipes: These are one of my absolute FAVORITE cloth diaper accessories. If you want 'em, but you don't got 'em, now is a good time to buy. Love Thirsties, which are on sale for 20% off , and Grovia, which are also on sale for 20% off.

3. Not Just Butts: Well, I of course, need to mention that I am running a sale on my own website. Not Just Butts is 15% off- with a free coffee lip balm (while supplies last, but they will)- and ALWAYS free shipping. It is an amazing cloth diaper- safe cream to use for everything from rashes, to irritated-from-wiping-noses.

This coffee lip balm sample is a tester for a new product I will be offering next year. I am SO excited about it, because it is SO good. It has real coffee infused in it, so it has a real, wonderful coffee aroma. I freak out a little every time I use it because I love it so much.
Click here to check it out.

4. Newborn Diapers: If you're expecting, and want to cloth diaper a newborn, PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy now, when prices are this low. I absolutely cannot gain any commission from these referrals, but they are my strongest recommendations- my favorite newborn covers by Luludew are 15% off, and THE prefolds I recommend from Green Mountain Diapers are also 10% (+5% bundle discount if by the dozen) off!

5. Overnight Diapers: They're expensive, they're not "fun" to buy, so get them when price is sweetened just a bit. Overnight favorites like the Grovia ONE, Thirsties fitted with a Sloomb- wool cover, Diaper Rite AIO, Smart Bottom Dream plus the soaker... all on sale.

6. Wet Bags/ Pail Liners: I know some people really enjoy stocking up on wet bags, but this is always a hard purchase for me. They're a great item to cart if you need to make any kind of price minimum. I love Planet Wise (up to 50% off at Nicki's), and have fallen for Buttons. You can't beat Smart Bottoms' prints, though, man. Every brand of wet bags I know of is discounted, and I need them, so this is actually the one thing I may buy this year...if I don't score Pandamonium.

Note on Pandamonium:
This is a LIMITED, LIMITED edition Thirsties print, only available THIS weekend.
As of this posting, it is still in stock for 30% OFF here at Nicki's Diapers, and here at Kelly's Closet.

Most retailers have the same discounts across brands, but have different door busters, freebies, and extra points running this weekend.
These are the sale pages for my affiliate retailers:
I hope you enjoy your weekend, and are able to take advantage of the amazing sales that are happening!

Buttons Diapers fans that were around this past Spring knew they were coming...

Cloth trainers are finally HERE!

I was lucky enough to get to test them out before they were released, and oh.my.gosh.
I am seriously blown away with how many features they were able to put on this one cloth trainer to make it SO amazing!
So, here we go:

Buttons had asked the fans in their official Facebook group about what features were a MUST for cloth trainers.
And did they listen!

These are a one-size cloth trainer.
They have two sets of rise snaps to adjust the height, and three sets of waist snaps to adjust the waist.
The waist snaps also mean the trainer can be snapped off in case of an accident.

They fit approximately 15-35+ lbs, according to Buttons.

There is a built-in cotton/bamboo soaker, to absorb any accidents.
The inside of these trainers is lined with an athletic jersey mesh.

Oh, AND they have a pocket for adding extra absorbency for when you need more assurance, like overnight, naptime, or leaving the house.

They retail for $15 for solids, and $15.75 for prints.
The HUGE bonus is that these double as swim diapers!

Check, check, check, CHECK.

What I LOVE:
Can I say everything?
They really listened and included the features that were most important to me, personally: waist snaps and built-in absorbency.

The built-in soaker is absorbent enough to catch a pee.

OH WAIT, did I forget to mention Buttons is also now selling 100% cotton boosters?

If you read my post on cloth diaper fabrics, you would know how much I absolutely love cotton for everything. These little boosters are so soft and absorbent.
They are being sold in packs of two for $10.

The boosters go perfectly in the little pocket of the trainer.

The fact that this built-in absorbency is a natural fiber just makes my heart sing.
I love you, cotton.

I also think the price point is right on.
I was hoping Buttons would be able to offer their trainers at an affordable price, and they really came through with that.

These are awesome as swim diapers, too. I love to have the little bit of absorbency in swims to catch any accidents on the way to the pool.

Here is the fit on my 29-lb three-year-old (wears size 3T), and 24-lb twenty-four-month-old (wears size 24M):

Fit on my little 12-lb three-month-old (wears size 6M). He obviously will not be potty-learning any time soon, but babies this age might be hanging at the pool or beach and need a swim diaper:

Ignore the socks. It's winter in Minnesota.

I'm seriously obsessed.
The elastic is so stretchy, and they seem so comfortable.

Will I try to add absorbency so I can wear them as normal diapers? Probably.

What I Don't Love:
Though easy to pull DOWN, the one down-side to me is that my toddler struggles to pull them back up himself. We have this issue with every cloth trainer we've tried, though.
And any pants with a wide waist band, honestly.
They're just more thick and snug than disposables (and underwear), so I think that comes with the territory of choosing cloth.

I'll always be annoying and complain about dry time, too, if they won't dry completely in one cycle.

Sorry. I'm impatient.

I love these trainers/swims. I think they're an amazing contribution to the cloth diaper community.
I highly recommend picking up a few pairs for your toilet-learning toddler.

I also like to think that I helped with the design, so how I could I NOT love them?
They are everything I want in a training pant.

I highly, highly recommend giving them a try if you are in the market for trainers.

Where To Buy
Buttons trainers are currently available exclusively through Buttons' website.
Click here to check them out!

The cotton boosters (and incidentally, some amazing herbal diaper cream I happen to make) can be found under their accessories.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Hands down, the most fun part about cloth diapering is the cute little covers.

My original newborn stash consisted almost entirely of one single brand- which went completely against what is now one of my top pieces of cloth diaper advice.

Those covers did actually work out great for me, but I was more than happy to try a larger variety of them this go around.

I wish I had had the opportunity to test even more, but this is what I did.
All covers are pictured and used over my favorite newborn prefold, Snappi-ed in an angel fold.

We are still using all these covers, at 2 months, and over 10lbs.
All of my babies have been pretty average size- between 7 and 8 lbs at birth, and all of these fit under their cords from day one.
This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made through these links may compensate me a small percentage for my referral, at no extra charge to you.

Newborn Size Covers

Sweet Pea Newborn:
This was the first newborn cover I purchased, over three years ago. It is one of my favorites.

Pros: It's very small and trim, which I absolutely love. The hook & loop makes it easy to use. Double gussets help contain explosive newborn poop.
Cons: It is a small cover, so though I love it for my average-size babies, it may be maxed out quickly for larger babies. It doesn't work well over fitteds or bulky inners. It is ONLY available in hook & loop, which just isn't as durable as snaps.

Retails for $9.99

Luludew Newborn:
Though very similar to the Sweet Pea cover, there is something about this one that I like just slightly more. I think it may be the slightly larger cut, and the extra softness and thinness of the PUL. It gives it an effortless, amazing fit.

Pros: Also small and trim, but with better coverage. Double gussets keep everything in. Extra soft and trim cover. Comes in both hook & loop and snap closures.
Cons: A newer brand, not available at many retailers. May also max out early for bigger babies.

Retails for $9.99

Diaper Rite:
I was initially nervous that this cover only came in snaps, but it completely converted me. It gives SUCH and amazing fit from day one. I highly, highly recommend it for little babies.

Pros: Fits small and trim. It was the best fitting diaper in the first two weeks. Double gussets hold everything in. Made of super soft, stretchy PUL. Has tuck flaps, for fans of those.
Cons: It runs small, and it is the first cover we're going to outgrow. I feel like when the rise is out, the fit is just off. It needs more waist snaps, so it can fit a wider waist, then it would be absolute perfection. Bigger babies will max this one out very quickly.

Retails for $9.95

Buttons Newborn:
I was SO skeptical of this newborn cover, because it the largest cut of any newborn-specific covers in my stash. It was more bulky in the first couple weeks for us, but it worked. Became one of my absolute favorites at 2 months old.

Pros: Double gussets and elastics all around contain everything. Fits well over fitteds and bulkier inserts. Has the most longevity of any newborn diaper cover I own- there's people putting this one on their 12+ month-old-babies! PERFECT for bigger babies. For some reason, out of all my covers, this one NEVER wicks moisture when the insert is soaked.
Cons: May be bulkier on small babies (I found from 9 lbs and on, the fit was awesome).

Retails for $11-12.50

Rumparooz Newborn:
I have no qualms about saying this was my least favorite cover. Interestingly, it was THE most recommended on an Instagram crowd-sourcing poll I did awhile back. I find the elastics too tight for how thin the PUL is, so it always went wonky when trying to put on. The gussets would fold around and everything. I also feel like it's cut too wide between the legs, so it folds oddly there. This will be the one I de-stash.

Pros: Double gussets. Available in both snap and hook & loop closures. Larger fit, for bigger babies and over fitteds.
Cons: Unfortunately, almost everything for me. They always seem to fit bulky, even at 2 months. Getting a good fit isn't effortless, the way I think it should be, because of the elastics and how thin the PUL is.

Retails for $10- $12.00

Non- Newborn Diapers

Thirsties Size 1 Duo Wrap:
If you've read my review on Duo Wraps, you would know I am a huge fan of the size 1. They do work from birth, though quite bulky.

Pros: Double gussets. Fit well over fitteds- was my go-to overnight cover. Could be a good newborn diaper for bigger babies.
Cons: Bulky for babies under 10 lbs, and probably any weight baby at the beginning, due to all the fabric between the legs.

Retails for $12.75

Buttons One-Size:
This was always the first one-size diaper to fit my babies. It does actually fit from birth, though it is bulky- not nearly as bulky as other one-size. I was glad to have a ton of these in my regular stash, because I had to supplement on days when all my covers got pooped on.

Pros: Double gussets. Affordable option for those who don't want to invest in an actual newborn stash.
Cons: Bulky, especially for smaller babies.

Retails for $11.50- $13

Overall, I highly recommend trying a variety of covers. Different covers will work differently, depending on the size and shape of baby.

Two months old is around the time that a lot of one-size diapers will begin to fit the average baby.
A lot of newborn diapers will actually go beyond that stage, and give a much better fit still than the one-size will.

Here is how they are all fitting now, at two months old, 10-something lbs (SPOILER: it's almost the same as three lbs ago):

 My Top Recommendations
For smaller babies and the best fit at the beginning, though I slightly prefer to fit of the Luludew newborn cover, Sweet Pea would be my top recommendation, just because it's more accessible to purchase.
For longevity and bigger babies, Buttons newborn are my hands-down winner.

Where to Buy
Almost all covers (except Luludew) can be purchased at my favorite diaper retailer, Diaper Junction.
They're also available on Amazon, Kelly's Closet, and Nicki's Diapers.

Luludew can be purchased through their website, but you should request for your favorite retailer to carry them!

I hope you have found my newborn series helpful.
I have actually decided to extend it a four-part series, because there are a few points I didn't get to touch on in these three.

Part 4 with be FAQ, so if you have any remaining questions- ask away now!
I will include them in that post.

This is it.
This is what ultimately ended up making or breaking my newborn cloth diapering success: the absorbency I used.

In Part 1 of my Newborn Cloth Diaper series, I covered the things you need to know in order to be successful from day one, and why I chose to cloth diaper using covers and prefolds for this stage.

In part 2, I will go over all the different inserts I tried, and my gritty, honest reviews of each.

This post may contain affiliate links. Purchases made through this links pay me a small commission for my referral, at no extra cost to you.
Flour Sack Towels (FST):
With my last baby, I had attempted to use flour sack towels, since that is what I was using on my two-year old. They fit SO well, they seriously made the cutest and trimmest newborn flat.
Unfortunately, they were just not absorbent enough for us at this stage, wrapped around baby. They quickly were soaking through diapers and clothes.
I know some families are able to successfully use them from birth, so it is worth a try if you're curious for yourself.
This is by far the most affordable option, at less than $1 apiece at Walmart (ten/$7.88).

You can read more about my love for flour sacks on older babies here.

Birdseye Cotton Flats:
I have two different types of birdseye cotton flats. I have some (organic) one-size that I purchased from Green Mountain Diapers, and some mystery ones (I highly suspect are Osocozy) that I purchased second-hand. These are my current favorite, and full-time absorbency for my bigger boys. My initial intention was to use these flats right from birth.
Unfortunately, I quickly found that though super absorbent for my little guy, they were also quite bulky. The jelly-rolling around the legs was especially bulky, and just seemed like it would be uncomfortable. I also found all the folding a drag, as someone who prefers quick folds.

These flats retail for $12.95- $15.95 /six for GMD, and $12.26/six for Osocozy.
Both have bleached/unbleached, and organic/conventional options, which vary the price.

1. Cloth-Eez Newborn prefold on baby, at 2 months old. >> 2. All prefolds stacked, for comparison. 3. (Bottom Left) Geffen Baby XS, next to Cloth-Eez Newborn >> 4. Geffen Baby on baby at 1 week old. 5. Top to bottom: Cloth-Eez, Luludew, and Imagine

Imagine/ Nicki's XS Cotton Prefolds:
Both Imagine and Nicki's brand prefolds are the same, just tagged differently. These were the first newborn prefolds I purchased over three years ago for my first, based on blogger recommendations. They are really tiny, and thin, which makes for a trim pad-fold and fit, but they just do not provide enough absorbency. I see these recommended a lot, but I could not these to work for us.
Sizing up to smalls may work better, but I didn't want to put up the money to try, because of how little faith I have in this prefold. 
I have heard the bamboo ones are better, but I have my own issues with bamboo, and generally avoid it.
They are super budget-friendly, at $12.95 for six, with free shipping, which was probably a huge reason I went for them initially.

Geffen Baby XSmall Jersey Prefolds
These were sent to me by Geffen Baby to try out.
They are cotton/hemp, which makes them super trim and absorbent. They are too tight of a weave for a Snappi to grab, which is a major bummer for me. I don't think I would ever have a full stash of these, but I do love them for times when I need the extra absorbency, like during the super long afternoon nap he takes.
They are on the pricier side, at $8.91 apiece.
Can be purchased from Diaper Junction, Nicki's, and Kelly's Closet.

 Luludew Newborn Cotton Prefolds
I needed to supplement my newborn prefolds after I discovered that the flats I intended to use were too bulky. I decided to try Luludew newborn prefolds. They run a cloth diaper service with these, so I figured they had to be pretty good. I tried them, I really did, but these also were just not absorbent enough. They're also more narrow than other newborn prefolds, which makes pinning them around baby more of a challenge. I'm not a fan of prefolds that are only sold in packs of 12 for this very reason- I dished out almost $30 for a pack that didn't work out for us.

Cloth- Eez Newborn Cotton Prefold
These newborn prefolds are my HANDS-DOWN WINNER.
I promise you, if you skip over all the other newborn options, and go straight to these, you will NOT be disappointed.
When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, I was determined to make cloth work from day one. So I asked all the followers on my Instagram what their prefold recommendations were. When a mama I trust recommended these, I took her advice and order a dozen of them. It SUCKS that these are not a diaper you will see recommended on blogger platforms very often, because they are everything.**

If I could do my whole newborn stash over- I would just order 2 dozen of these and call it a day.
They're thicker than all the other prefolds, so they absorb way more. It also protect the covers from all those million little baby poops and sharts, because it won't seep right through to the cover, like with the other, more thin, prefolds. They wrap around nicely, which helps eliminate bulk.

Other prefolds:
I also used Buttons size 2 cotton prefolds after a couple weeks. They were kind of bulky still at this point, and needed to be folded down in front, but they were perfect otherwise. I'm curious if the size 1 would have been a winner for me, too. If they are the same thickness as the ones I own, I definitely think they would be.
I'm hoping to get my hands on a few some day, but I couldn't find them in stock anywhere the night I was looking.

Osocozy is another brand I would like to try, because I've heard it recommended a lot. Though a lot of people do recommend diapers I don't have success with. The fact that they have these "maxing out" at 10lbs makes me especially hesitant.


Okay, so maybe this should be singular, because I only used one type of fitted, and that was the Cloth-eez size small snap fitted. Fitteds are crazy absorbent, but they are also bulky, and expensive, so this was my nighttime go-to, with a Geffen Baby quick absorber. This combo gets us through the night without leaks. I didn't buy these until he was a couple weeks old, so I just went with the size small instead of the newborn.

-Pinning A Prefold Around A Newborn-
I thought my first set of newborn prefolds were too small for pinning three years ago, but it turns out that I just didn't really know how to put them on.
This is a SUPER quick, easy, and fool-proof way to put a prefold on. You will be able to use your prefolds far past when you'd think they will no longer wrap around.

1. Slide the prefold under baby, lining the top up with their belly button.

2. Grab the two sides of the prefolds in the front and tri-fold them together. This should make a nice little pocket right under their bottom, which will help contain some poo.

3. Fold the front up to their waist.
If the prefold is the perfect size, you will be able to pull the wings around and pin it.
If the prefold is too small for the wings to overlap the middle, fan the middle section apart until they can.
If the prefold is too long, fold the top down before pulling the wings around.

4. Snappi or pin that baby up!

In part 3, I will be sharing the fun part- my experiences and recommendations of newborn diaper covers

**This is not a diaper you see recommended on cloth diaper blogs, which I think is majorly due to the fact that we can't be compensated in any way for it.
I don't blame bloggers- because you can't work for free, or I guess, PAY to work. Since Green Mountain Diapers doesn't have any kind of affiliate, or even reward referral program- you need to buy these products outright yourself. and then, you can't be compensated for the time of testing and reviewing them anyway. It's just difficult, because bloggers don't have access to these products in the way they do others.
I don't blame GMD, either, for not having any kind of program, because I know it is not feasible to every business. Though I really hope they do some time in the future! They are an absolutely amazing diaper company. Their Cloth-eez brand is probably the highest quality of any diaper I have ever used, and they are an amazing resource of information. I highly, highly recommend them, and am thankful that they were recommended to me!