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The Truth About Cloth Diapers and Diaper Cream: What Is REALLY Safe?

There is so much fear around using rash creams with cloth diapers.

It all stems from the old myths of people believing you had to wash your cloth diapers in baking soda and the tears of your baby.

When cloth diapers weren't being properly washed, with real detergent, diaper creams also weren't being washed away.

But have no fear!

The truth is, when it comes to using rash creams with cloth diapers, it's really simple to maneuver what is "safe" and what isn't.

If you use a synthetic-fiber diaper, like microfiber or charcoal bamboo, or one with a "stay dry" fleece layer, there are two ingredients you need to look out for:

1. Petroleum: used in heavy-duty, synthetic diaper creams, this ingredient can coat the fibers of synthetic fabrics and cause repelling.

2. Zinc oxide: a common ingredient in both synthetic and natural diaper creams, zinc may cause staining, if that is something you are concerned about. Most stains will wash out over time.

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bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers in the Lovelace print

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