5 Reasons You Should Switch To A Menstrual Cup, Plus 3 Tips Before You Do

I remember the first time I heard about menstrual cups.
I was part horrified, part amused, part intrigued.

Though I can tell you, the first two feelings were winning out. I could not believe this was a thing.
People are actually using a cup inside of them to collect their blood, instead of just using a tampon like a "normal" person.

One dialogue I kept coming to over and over was how obsessed women were with them. It's like they had discovered the world's best-kept secret and would strike up excited conversations with strangers about it.
A cup.

I harbored this amused horror for a good year.
It slowly morphed to a strong intrigue, and curiosity.

Was there something to what these women were saying?

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The more I learned, the more aware I become about what was going into my body, and the environmental impact of single-use items.

What began to horrify me instead, were things like the use of disposable water bottles, and the ingredients in the lotion I was using.

Once I was pregnant with my son, I knew I never wanted to use a tampon again. The waste alone made me feel queasy.

I purchased my first cup shortly after his birth when my cycle returned, and was overwhelmed by all the unexpected benefits it offered.

I was in love.

With a cup.

"WHY DIDN'T I TRY THIS SOONER?"  is all I continually ask myself.

Menstrual cups literally changed my life.

Here's FIVE ways they can change yours, too:

1. No more incognito tampons up your sleeve, in your bra, in your waistband. For over a decade, I creatively stashed spare tampons on my body through school, work, and social events. When you're on your period with a cup, you already have all you need in your body. Once it's in, there's nothing new you need to smuggle around.

2. Stop throwing your money away. There were months where I spent $10 a month on tampons. Spending $10 once a month doesn't seem like much, but when you span it over months, and years, that is massive amounts of money you are just throwing in the garbage. The average cup is $30, and can last a decade. $30, or $1200- how much would you rather spend on your period?

3. Save yourself time- and bathroom breaks. When I used tampons, I'd need to frequently go to the restroom just to change it out. Every time I had to use the toilet, I'd need to remove it and put a new one in. With cups, there's only one day a cycle where I need to change every few hours. Every other day, it can be left it from morning until night. Yup-even during ALL toilet breaks. This was life changing as a mom. You can insert it, and forget it until bedtime.

4. Keep glyphosate out of your vag- Conventional tampons are processed full of pesticides, dioxins, dyes, fragrances, and - who knows what else- because the FDA does not require tampon manufacturers to disclose their ingredients. It has recently come to light the potential health risks associated with conventional tampons. Menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicone, latex, or rubber.

5. Reduce your waste. The average menstruater throws away 200-300 lbs of disposable period products in their lifetime. It's really hard to fathom, but you can get an image of how many boxes of tampons you go through every year- the entirety of it will end up in the trash. This amount can be replaced with 4 cups over a lifetime. All of which you could hold in one hand at once. I much prefer that visual, personally.

My biggest regret was that I didn't switch ten years ago.
I can think of so many awkward situations in my single days that would have been completely avoided if I had used a cup.

I encourage anyone on the fence to just go for it. You will be so thankful you did.


But first, I want to share 3 golden tips before you dive in:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your anatomy. This is something crazy, what I personally think is a huge feminist issue, but so many women are completely unaware of the setup of their reproductive system. The biggest thing you need to know is your cervix, and where it sits during your period (it moves throughout your cycle).

  2.  Don't go out and buy "that" brand that is sold in your grocery store, or that your bff swears by. Every body, and every cup is different- do some research. But I will keep it super simple, and say the ONLY resource you'll ever need when it comes to deciding on a cup is Put A Cup In It. These ladies are amazing, and have even put together a quiz that I think is super helpful in finding the perfect cup for you.

  3. Use backup for the first month or two. Do you remember the learning curve that came with tampons? Yikes. To be honest, switching to a cup was very easy for me. I did not have any issues, except for getting a good seal the first month or two. Wearing a cloth pad or liner will catch any leaks and give you an extra sense of security.
I personally use Ruby Cup, because they have an amazing mission. It is a great "medium" cup that was recommended to me after I took the quiz. I LOVE it.

I recently switched to the Saalt Cup, after the capacity of the Ruby just wasn't enough. I do still love my Ruby cup, but the Saalt is larger and great for heavy days. 

There really are so many great cup educators out there, but I think that Put A Cup In It is the most extensive and easiest to navigate.

Using a menstrual cup is so much easier- and less insane than I ever imagined.
I will never go back.

And I WILL strike up conversations with random strangers about how much I love it.
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