Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Cover Review

Lalabye Baby was a brand that I had been crushing on for quite awhile.
They have this loyal, obsessive fan following.
And their brand story, of being started by a mom who wanted to create her perfect version of the cloth diaper drew me right in.

The only problem was, we are almost exclusive cover-users now.
I didn't really want to buy their unique hybrid/pocket diaper because I like covers I can reuse.

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Well, last year, Lalabye Baby pulled through and came out with a cover!
I was so ecstatic to finally get a chance to bring this diaper brand into our family.

When Spraypal did an exclusive print with Lalabye Baby, featuring coffee (which I love more than diapers), I had to snatch it up.

I can't find any reviews on this cover, so I wanted to do one myself.
And I really just want to share, because I love this cover!

The Lalabye Baby cover is made up of a single-layer of water-resistant TPU.
The inside is wipeable, with tuck flaps on either end, and soft, single-gusset leg elastics.

It can be used with Lalabye's own snap-in inserts or any insert of your choosing (except, of course, raw microfiber).
(As always, we use it with flour sack towels.)

The diaper cover is a one-size diaper, made to fit from 8lbs-35lbs.
It also has Lalabye's signature rainbow snaps, for helping everyone get the perfect fit, every time.

What I love:
This cover did not disappoint in the fit department. I like a trim, snug fit and look what we have here:

The cover is very high quality, and easy to use.
It covers an extremely broad range of sizes, while still giving an amazing fit at each one- something a lot of other one-size diapers fall short in.

The TPU (which I think is just a magical material) holds in all the wet in such a lightweight material.

I cannot think of a single criticism about the construction, fit, or performance of this cover. I love it!

What I don't love:

This is totally, TOTALLY a very personal vanity preference, but I have this "thing" with solid colored diapers and contrasting trim.
Maybe because I am not a "color" person to begin with, I just prefer the clean look of a solid, solid.

Lalabye only (at the time) offers solid diapers with contrasting trim, so I feel like most the covers are off limits to me.
Sorry. (*hangs head*)

The price point for prints was initially a little sting.
I knew the price of the Lalabye Baby original one-size diaper with an insert was at $20.
So I was slightly taken aback when I saw the cost of a printed diaper cover (no insert) was $19.
In all fairness, I was comparing the cost of solid diaper to a printed one, which sometimes runs more in brands.
Solid colored covers are only $16.50.

Anyway, I asked Lalabye Baby about this and they said that it has to do with the manufacturing process, and the cost of doing the encasement for the trim, or something. It was awhile ago. But I totally get that, it is obviously going to drive the price point up if the diaper involves a more complex manufacturing process.

The price of the solid covers is actually a great price for a cover, and is just beyond the $15 price point to cloth diaper for less than $200.

Overall, I absolutely love this diaper cover and would recommend it to everyone!

Here is the fit on my 14-month-old, weighing about 19lbs:

On my 29-month-old, weighing about 27 lbs:


- Trim fit
- Covers a broad range of sizes- will definitely fit large babies, and be great for overnight diapering
- Has tuck flaps for inserts
- Versatile, can be used with with Lalabye Baby inserts, or your favorite insert (prefold, flat, fitted)
- Color-coded snaps are great for caregivers

-Currently only available in limited colors and prints.

Have you had a chance to try the new(ish) Lalabye Baby cover?
You can purchase it through Diaper Junction, Kelly's Closet, or you favorite Lalabye Baby retailer.

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  1. We love our Lalabye Baby covers! The fit is awesome. My favorite way to use them is for naps, since I need to add a folded hemp insert.