Friday, April 27, 2018

Newborn Origami Cloth Diaper Flat Fold, Step-by-Step- PLUS How to Make ANY Flat Fold Fit a Newborn

I struggled to cloth diaper my first two babies from birth.
My first, I was inexperienced and overwhelmed.

With my second, I had the sad realization that nothing in my stash could withstand his peeing.
Flour sacks and the newborn prefolds I had were saturated and leaking in less than 30 minutes.

When you have a newborn, 30 minutes is the blink of an eye. Changing a diaper that frequently was absolutely not something I was going to do, so I went back to disposables until he was about six weeks old, again.

THIS TIME, I am determined to find the solution. I'm far more involved in the cloth diaper community, and know much more about brands, and materials, and types of cloth diapers.

The majority of my newborn absorbency is going to be one-size organic cotton birdseye flats.

Flats are thirsty, offer a ton of coverage, and aren't as bulky as prefolds.
Buying one-size means baby can use it beyond birth, and that it will be more absorbent than a smaller flat would be.

It's actually pretty easy to turn any one-size flat diaper into a newborn size, with one added step before folding.

Here is the newborn Origami fold:

1. Fold all corners of the flat to the center. This is THE STEP that will allow you to make your flat into a newborn-size anything.

2. Fold in half.

3. Fold in half again to make a square. Note the top corner, we're going to need that for the next step.

4. Pull the first layer of the top corner over, so the edge that was on the left now lines up with the top.

5. Flip it all over so it's now face-down.

6. Take the square edge and fold toward the center in thirds.

7. Ready for baby! Slide under baby's bum. Fold the front up over the crotch, then roll around the legs for a more snug fit. Pin or tuck the waist to secure it.

Prefer a kite fold? Newspaper fold?
All you need to do is fold all the corners to the center to make a smaller square, and you can do ANY flat fold your heart desires for your newborn!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

5 Simple Green Swaps You Can Make TODAY Toward A More Eco-Friendly Future

We are no where near being a zero-waste household. Though that is total aspirations for me.

For me, reducing your overall waste and consumption goes hand-in-hand with minimalism, and something I have always felt is important to do

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission for my referral, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting MBB!

There are so many small swaps that can make a huge impact, whether you plan to fit your yearly waste in a mason jar some day, or not. And BONUS- you'll save a ton of money over time!

The initial investment of reusable products can be daunting.
They do pay themselves off quickly though!

Not only is Earth Day a good time to think about making more eco-friendly choices, with EARTH DAY SALES upon us, it is also the most practical time to make some of those purchases.

Some quick changes you can make in your household:

1. Water Bottles- I kind of find it shocking that disposable water bottles are still so prevalent. It's such an EASY switch to make to reduce so much unnecessary waste. I don't like our tap water, so we use a refrigerated water filter.

The options for reusable water bottles are endless- glass, stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, straws, twist tops, pop tops... the hardest part of making this switch is deciding which one(s) to purchase!

2. Reusable Grocery Bags- We do most of our shopping at Aldi, so switching to reusable bags was an effortless (and, well, practically forced) transition. I use a ton of different sizes and shapes for different groceries. I LOVE them! I have no use for plastic groceries bags in our home beside the occasional trash can liner, so I'm thankful to not have them piling up so fast.

3. Un-Paper Towels- I started using cloth towels (mainly flour sack towels during cooking meals for washing produce, ect...) and realized how easy it was! I didn't even miss paper towels. Plus, not-so-secretly, it makes me feel more like a professional chef. We only keep paper towel on hand for really greasy messes now, but everything else gets the cloth. Unpaper Towels are super convenient (and cute) to have around!

Pssst... Marley's Monsters is running an awesome Earth Day Sale this weekend, so don't miss out on it! I'm not going to!

Learn More About the MightyFix One Simple Change Each Month

4. Reusable Straws- I always liked straws for smoothies. For some reason, the idea of drinking a smoothie without a straw is so odd to me. Plus, straws make easy drinking for my kids and reduce the mess they can make.

I love my silicone straws. We've had them for over a year now and they have worked great! They're super easy to clean, the kids can chew on them and not destroy their teeth, plus my oldest loves picking out what color straw he is going to use.


5. Cloth Tissues- Before Kleenex, there were handkerchiefs. This is one aspect where cloth is far superior, in my opinion. I haven't bought paper tissues in years and years. We don't use hankies, but I love flannel cloth wipes for runny noses! They're soft, effective, easy to wash (with towel laundry), and save so much.

There are so many reusable products you can switch to behind these simple five (menstrual products, cloth diapers (obvs), ziploc replacements...) but I think these 5 are an solid, easy bunch, even for the most wary of households.

I'm super passionate (maybe obsessed) with reusable products. Our grandparents did it, and the Earth was much better off for it. I truly believe we can get back there, with a little- or a lot of- social change.

What's your favorite reusable product?
Have an eye on anything for Earth Day?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Earth Day 2018 Cloth Diaper and Eco Sales- US and Canada (Alphabetically by Shop)

Earth Day brings some of the biggest and best cloth diaper (and other eco-friendly product) sales of the year.

If you would like your shop listed, please reach out to me via my contact page, by commenting on this post, or through my Instagram.
Some links in this post are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links, at no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!  

Navigating all the sales can be overwhelming.
Here you can find them all, collectively by shop.

Bookmark/ Pin this post for later; Many sales are not announced until the day of or just before, so they will be updated as they are announced. Check back frequently!

Confirmed participating shops (sales details to be announced as they are made public):

Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company (CAN)    

Calgary Cloth Diaper (CAN):
Our Earth Week Sale has multiple coupon codes because some companies sales end early.
Place 2 orders (shipping is on us) when you want to use 2 or more codes- Leave note in comments too!

April 20-22: GroVia 20% off with Code: GroVia20: click here
April 21-22: Bummis and Funky Fluff 25-50% off with Code EarthDay25:click here
April 20-27
with Code EarthDay15:
Buttons Diapers
4/22-23 ONLY:
  • Use CODE EARTHDAY2018 for 10% OFF site-wide: click here
4/20- 4/22:
NOTE: Freebie coupon codes cannot be stacked, so pick the one you want the most :).  Blueberry and GroVia coupons can be scored in addition to a free item since they don't need a coupon code and are added to all eligible orders.  Select new release items or other products may be excluded from sales as shown on product pages.  Prices are as marked.
  • AppleCheeks 15% off all regular stock, 30-50% off clearance and discontinued stock, 10% off our AppleCheeks Purple Rain Exclusive!: click here
    PLUS you can earn a FREE AppleCheeks Purple Rain Item:
    - Orders over $79 - FREE Purple Rain Minizip (*Use coupon code MINIRAIN)
    - Orders over $89 - FREE Purple Rain Size 1 Storage Sac (*Use coupon code RAIN1
    - Orders over $99 - FREE Purple Rain One Size Diaper (*Use coupon code FREE RAIN)
  • GroVia - 20% off: click here
    PLUS buy 3 or more Hybrid Shells and get a $10 off coupon in your order to use towards your next purchase. No code required, coupons will be added into all eligible orders.PLUS enter to win our Grapefruit Starts print GroVia All-In-One Diaper (you can't buy these!!!) . ENTER HERE. Purchases will get you extra entries*.
  • AMP 20% off: click here
  • Delish Naturals 15% off: click here 
  • Thirsties 15% off: click here
    PLUS orders over $99 can get a FREE Fern color wet bag (*Use coupon code FERNWB).  If we run out of Fern color, we will sub with the next available color. 
  • BumGenius/Flip 15% off: click here 
  • Blueberry 15% off: click here
    PLUS buy 6 or more Blueberry items (diapers, covers, mattress pads, wet bags etc) during Earth Day sales and get a 20% off coupon in your package for use towards your next order!  WOW.  Package coupon will be valid until Aug. 31, 2018. 
  • Funky Fluff 15% off : click here
  • Bummis 15% off: click here
  • Rumparooz 20% off: click here
  • Smart Bottoms 15% off - will run for  a full week week ending at 11:59pm MDT on Friday, April 27th. :click here
  • Re-Play 15% off: click here
  • Snappi 15% off: click here
  • O'Canada Soapworks 10% off: click here
Cozy Bums (CA):
Save 10% store-wide with code EARTHDAY2018

    Dearest Diapers
    FREE Cloth Wipe with your $39+ Order - use code WIPE39

    FREE Replay Divided Plate with your $59+ Order - use code REPLAY59

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    Diaper Junction: 

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    Dipes 'n' Duds

    Fluff & Familia:

    4/20/17 @ 12:01AM EST and end 4/22/17 @ 11:59PM EST unless otherwise noted.
    NO coupon codes are required. Please notice that most discounts will be shown once you go to check out and NOT on the main product pages. If a product seems to have an incorrect price in your cart at checkout, please let us know by emailing

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    Marleys Monsters
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    Mother ease (CA/USA) 
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    My Sweet Pickles
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