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Smart Bottoms AIO (3.1) Cloth Diaper Review

Just jumping right in here...

I'm going to go over the Smart Bottoms AIO (aka 3.1).
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I've had this diaper in my stash for probably about 6-7 months now, so it's definitely been put to the test.

My first 3.1 was actually purchased USED, because I wanted it to be prepped (and I got it for a good deal).
I did purchase a brand-new one a couple months later, because the talk about prepping this thing had me curious about how much truth there was to it...but more on that when we get there.


The 3.1 (what I will call it from here on out) is obviously an all-in-one diaper.
It has one long, snake-style tongue (which is apparently pending patent?) made up of cotton.
100% organic, hug-your-grandma-I'm-obsessed-made-in-the-US-of-A (probably) COTTON. 
If I haven't mentioned it enough times, I am basically in love with cotton.
From Smart Bottoms website

It has a four different rise settings, to fit from approximately 10-35 lbs.

It retails for $29.


I love the simplicity of this diaper.
My husband and I both grab these ones when we want a quick diaper change without any extra pieces.

I adore the fit. These sit high all-around, which I used to be against, but the 3.1 has turned me. It fits narrow between the legs.
When the fit is good, my heart eyes pop out.

This the first one-size diaper I put on my new baby, because it's really trim, and decently absorbent. It's not as absorbent as my AIOs that have hemp, but it still is plenty for my kids.

And, of course, I fricken LOVE cotton. LOVE IT. This diaper dries so quickly, unlike diapers infused with hemp, that take FOR-everrrrrrrr to dry, in my unprofessional opinion.

I love all-natural fibers against my baby's bottom-and there's no synthetics here!

Oh- their packaging is recyclable. Or maybe even reusable- I think they actually will take them back if you collect a stack. That's cool.


Don't get freaked out by how long this section is.
This diaper does come with some downers (they all do! I've never met a perfect diaper).

First, we have to talk about this prep time. Smart Bottoms does sell a prepped diaper, thankfully.
The the 3.1 prep process is NOT a joke. It's not for the faint of heart. It WILL weed out the weak.

It's not going to kill you, but it is the most prepping you'll ever do for any diaper, ever (probably. Quote me on that, but then feel free to tell me if you find out I'm wrong).

When it shows up at your home, it will have this beautiful, cream-colored cotton inner.
....That is covered in the cotton's natural oils, that needs to be washed over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over- literally that many times- just to use it without the pee sliding riiiight on off, out the sides of the diaper.

This will not absorb anything.

It's so cute that I thought I could wash it twice and then put it right on my baby.
Don't do that.
It doesn't work.

So, it needs to be washed a lot of times just to be able to absorb pee, at all. And then it will be even more washes before it becomes absorbent enough to confidently use anywhere but at home.

Buying used is a great idea, because they should be prepped already.


The other downer to this cotton, is that it comes with the strength of cotton (or lack thereof).

Natural-fiber AIOs tend to start breaking down at their weak points (especially if your machine is a bully, like mine), so they will get edge wear over time.

This is the diaper I bought used (already with some edge wear) about 7 months ago:

My newer one has very slight edge wear- after 6 months of use in my killing machine.
Realistically, diapers do not last forever.
And even once they start wearing at the edges, it won't cause any issues at all. You can essentially use them until they completely shred apart.
But I just think it's something to be aware of with natural fibers.

People also complain about the elastics when putting them on, because you have to roll them in to get a good fit, and keep all the cotton inner on the inside (something my husband struggles with, but I guess it doesn't matter much when your kids don't wear pants.)

And also, the price point is difficult for some people.
The 3.1 sells for $29.
That's the price for quality, American-made, organic cotton, all-in-ones, though.

I say that, but I've also never paid full price for one. ;)

As I'm writing this, Nicki's has their exclusives 30% off

Again, buying used is a great option.
If you aren't going for a limited print, you can usually get them used at half off, or more.


I do love this diaper. It's simplicity, fit, and my love for cotton will keep these a part of my stash for the rest of my diaper days. It's one of my favorite diapers, and probably my absolute favorite all-in-one diaper. I highly recommend giving it a try.

You can purchase it through my affiliate link at Nicki's Diapers and Amazon (and can even add them to your Amazon Baby Registry, if you have people cool enough to support your cloth journey that way)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

GroVia O.N.E. Cloth Diaper Review

Here is a truly one-of-a-kind cloth diaper: the GroVia O.N.E.

Outlast closure, No prep, Easy to use. Though not exactly easy to remember, that is what the O-N-E stands for in this diaper's name.

I am going to be super, super candid in saying that I had no interest in ever trying this diaper. I bought it and tested it with an extreme amount of skepticism.

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Why was I skeptical? My impression of the ONE, as a spectator, was that this diaper was bulky, and made up of microfiber, which I am not a fan of.

Turns out, I actually knew very little about this diaper.
When I read about it, and then eventually bought it, I was pretty shocked by how many features it actually has.
This has to be hands-down, the most unique diaper I have ever seen on the market.

The GroVia O.N.E. is a one-size (fits from approximately 10-35lbs), all-in-one diaper.

My first shocker came when I realized that it is not just a microfiber diaper. Though it has a microfiber core, the bulk of the absorbency is actually made up of cotton.

You know cotton, my absolute favorite textile- cloth diapers or not.

The cotton in this diaper requires no prepping.
It only needs one initial wash, then it is ready to go.

The absorbency is made up of two soakers- one small, and one large.
They are attached in the back of the diaper with a single snap, depending which size or amount of absorbency you need.
Use the small soaker for lower rise settings and less aborbency, the large for higher rise settings and more absorbency, and both together when you need a lot of absorbency.

The inside is lined with a stay-dry microfleece.

The really unique feature on this diaper is ability to switch between hook and loop and snap closures, thanks to removable hook and loop strips.

It retails for $22.95.

What I Like:
This diaper is absorbent.
Even with just the single, large insert, it's a pretty thirsty diaper.
My two-year-old was the first to get this one on the bum, and when I changed him, it was SO heavy with pee. I was impressed it had held all that without leaking.

A lot of people swear by this as an overnight diaper, with both soakers. My boys don't pee as much at night anymore, so I don't know if I am the best testimony to that right now. My biggest concern around this as a nighttime diaper is the microfiber core holding stink over time from being used with such concentrated pees. When my baby grows up, I'll have to try it for awhile and report back.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have three in diapers right now.
This fits both my toddlers very well.
It is quite bulky on my four-month-old, but a lot of one-size diapers still are.

It is not as trim as my diaper of choice, but it definitely isn't as bulky as I had imagined, unless both inserts are in it.

The price point is fair, especially for it's versatility.

What I Don't Like:
My biggest complaint about the ONE is honestly the packaging.
The custom plastic packaging is just excessive to me. It's not something that could be recycled- or really reused, like the generic plastic bags can.
 I couldn't imagine buying a whole bundle of these diapers at once and getting dumped with all this extra packaging. It's a huge deterrent for me, personally.

My least favorite thing about the diaper itself is the way it snaps in.
It technically should qualify as an all-in-two, since the soaker unsnaps every.single.time. you wash it, and you have to chase it down to snap back in while folding.

I also have this thing with soakers that attach in the back, because I always feel like poop is going to get trapped behind them during spraying OR the soaker ends up dropping down into the poopy toilet water.

In time, I've come to not mind a little fluff, but I still wouldn't use this full-time, due to the bulk. There are all-in-ones out there that fit my kids much more trimly, especially my baby.

I could just as well throw the hook and loop conversion straps in the trash, since I'm not a fan of that kind closure, but the fact that they are supposed to be removed for washing is a bit of a bummer for me. I don't even remember to fasten hook and loop fasteners onto their stay tabs to wash them, so I couldn't imagine ever removing the entire fastener. But maybe that's just me.

I'm laundry lazy.

I know this is totally personal preference, but I don't like microfleece linings.
I prefer natural fibers against the bottom, plus it always just starts to look pilly and sad after a few washes.


I will be buying this diaper again. I like it. It's absorbent, and is mostly natural fibers. It's a diaper I can trust to get us through a grocery trip, or church, without leaking.

I recommend trying it if you are a GroVia fan, or looking for a diaper with good absorbency.
And I HIGHLY recommend buying it in Basil, one of my favorite diaper solids, ever.

I own a Basil Hybrid, but I think a ONE will be heading my way soon, too!

To Buy:
Nicki's Diapers

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