Cloth Diapering a Newborn Part 3: Diaper Covers

Hands down, the most fun part about cloth diapering is the cute little covers.

My original newborn stash consisted almost entirely of one single brand- which went completely against what is now one of my top pieces of cloth diaper advice.

Those covers did actually work out great for me, but I was more than happy to try a larger variety of them this go around.

I wish I had had the opportunity to test even more, but this is what I did.
All covers are pictured and used over my favorite newborn prefold, Snappi-ed in an angel fold.

We are still using all these covers, at 2 months, and over 10lbs.
All of my babies have been pretty average size- between 7 and 8 lbs at birth, and all of these fit under their cords from day one.
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Newborn Size Covers

Sweet Pea Newborn:
This diaper brand has stopped selling.
This was the first newborn cover I purchased, over three years ago. It is one of my favorites.

Pros: It's very small and trim, which I absolutely love. The hook & loop makes it easy to use. Double gussets help contain explosive newborn poop.
Cons: It is a small cover, so though I love it for my average-size babies, it may be maxed out quickly for larger babies. It doesn't work well over fitteds or bulky inners. It is ONLY available in hook & loop, which just isn't as durable as snaps.

Luludew Newborn:
Though very similar to the Sweet Pea cover, there is something about this one that I like just slightly more. I think it may be the slightly larger cut, and the extra softness and thinness of the PUL. It gives it an effortless, amazing fit.

Pros: Also small and trim, but with better coverage. Double gussets keep everything in. Extra soft and trim cover. Comes in both hook & loop and snap closures.
Cons: A newer brand, not available at many retailers. May also max out early for bigger babies.

Retails for $9.99

Diaper Rite:
I was initially nervous that this cover only came in snaps, but it completely converted me. It gives SUCH and amazing fit from day one. I highly, highly recommend it for little babies.

Pros: Fits small and trim. It was the best fitting diaper in the first two weeks. Double gussets hold everything in. Made of super soft, stretchy PUL. Has tuck flaps, for fans of those.
Cons: It runs small, and it is the first cover we're going to outgrow. I feel like when the rise is out, the fit is just off. It needs more waist snaps, so it can fit a wider waist, then it would be absolute perfection. Bigger babies will max this one out very quickly.

Retails for $9.95

Buttons Newborn:
I was SO skeptical of this newborn cover, because it the largest cut of any newborn-specific covers in my stash. It was more bulky in the first couple weeks for us, but it worked. Became one of my absolute favorites at 2 months old.

Pros: Double gussets and elastics all around contain everything. Fits well over fitteds and bulkier inserts. Has the most longevity of any newborn diaper cover I own- there's people putting this one on their 12+ month-old-babies! PERFECT for bigger babies. For some reason, out of all my covers, this one NEVER wicks moisture when the insert is soaked.
Cons: May be bulkier on small babies (I found from 9 lbs and on, the fit was awesome).

Retails for $11-12.50

Rumparooz Newborn:
I have no qualms about saying this was my least favorite cover. Interestingly, it was THE most recommended on an Instagram crowd-sourcing poll I did awhile back. I find the elastics too tight for how thin the PUL is, so it always went wonky when trying to put on. The gussets would fold around and everything. I also feel like it's cut too wide between the legs, so it folds oddly there. This will be the one I de-stash.

Pros: Double gussets. Available in both snap and hook & loop closures. Larger fit, for bigger babies and over fitteds.
Cons: Unfortunately, almost everything for me. They always seem to fit bulky, even at 2 months. Getting a good fit isn't effortless, the way I think it should be, because of the elastics and how thin the PUL is.

EDITED TO ADD: After months, and months (like at 6 months old), I began to like this diaper cover a LOT more. It seemed to get a much better fit after 12-13 lbs.

Retails for $10- $12.00

Non- Newborn Diapers

Thirsties Size 1 Duo Wrap:
If you've read my review on Duo Wraps, you would know I am a huge fan of the size 1. They do work from birth, though quite bulky.

Pros: Double gussets. Fit well over fitteds- was my go-to overnight cover. Could be a good newborn diaper for bigger babies.
Cons: Bulky for babies under 10 lbs, and probably any weight baby at the beginning, due to all the fabric between the legs.

Retails for $12.75

Buttons One-Size:
This was always the first one-size diaper to fit my babies. It does actually fit from birth, though it is bulky- not nearly as bulky as other one-size. I was glad to have a ton of these in my regular stash, because I had to supplement on days when all my covers got pooped on.

Pros: Double gussets. Affordable option for those who don't want to invest in an actual newborn stash.
Cons: Bulky, especially for smaller babies.

Retails for $11.50- $13

Overall, I highly recommend trying a variety of covers. Different covers will work differently, depending on the size and shape of baby.

Two months old is around the time that a lot of one-size diapers will begin to fit the average baby.
A lot of newborn diapers will actually go beyond that stage, and give a much better fit still than the one-size will.

Here is how they are all fitting now, at two months old, 10-something lbs (SPOILER: it's almost the same as three lbs ago):

 My Top Recommendations
For smaller babies and the best fit at the beginning, Diaper Rite and Sweet Pea would be my top recommendation, just because it's more accessible to purchase.
For longevity and bigger babies, Buttons newborn are my hands-down winner.

Where to Buy
Almost all covers (except Luludew) can be purchased through Amazon, and Nicki's Diapers.

Luludew can be purchased through their website, but you should request for your favorite retailer to carry them. Diaper Rite can be purchased through Diaper Junction, but I would love to see them in more retailers, too.

You can even create an Amazon Baby Registry, to compile your wish list of diapers for your upcoming little one!

I hope you have found my newborn series helpful!

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  1. Hey there! First time mom here and I am wanting to cloth diaper my babe too!

    I originally was going to wait and start after I figured all of the newborn stuff out, but now I’m thinking I should just start right away so I never know anything different. And like you said they go through SO many changes at that age that I think cloth from the get go would be a cheaper option anyway. I have LOVED reading your series on here and it’s been so much more helpful than any other site I’ve found.

    I’m going to do prefolds and covers for the newborn phase just because that seems like the least monetary investment and the best for frequent changes, then hopefully transition into one size pockets (or use them as covers). Just curious how many newborn covers you think I will need? I don’t wanna get too many and have wasted money! But also don’t want to be running short either! Any advice would be awesome :)

    1. Congratulations! I'm glad you have found this helpful!
      Covers can be hard to estimate since you don't need to change them unless they get soiled. Some days I only used about 2 covers, and some days I'd go through 5! I think 8-10 covers is a good guide to try if you plan to wash every other day. They can always be washed with other laundry if needed, or you can try to supplement with the one-size diapers if you need.

  2. Hey Kaitlin!

    First time mama here and I've been researching cloth diapering like crazy! Your site has been AMAZING.

    Originally, I was going to just start cloth when babe could fit into one size diapers, but now I'm thinking I want to just start it from the newborn phase - just so that's all I know. :) And the fact that, like you said, for the amount of times newborns need changing, it seems like the more cost effective/efficient option also.

    My plan as of now is to do prefolds and covers for newborn, then transition in one size pockets (or use the pockets as covers) after babe gets a little bigger, so I have a slight dilemma - how many newborn covers and prefolds would you suggest I get? I don't wanna have too many since that stage is so short, but don't want to be caught off guard with not enough too. Just curious what has worked for you or for other mamas!