Why I Quit Using Pocket Cloth Diapers- And What I Use Now

Tell me if this story sounds familiar:
When I was researching cloth diapers as a pregnant first-time-mom, I kept coming across all these charts. The ones that break down cloth diaper types as "easy", "easier", "easiest".

It weighs some of the pros and cons of each type- like price.
And not much else, actually.

Using diaper covers with flats or prefolds seemed SO intimidating to me- and this chart clearly showed they were the most complicated system.

All-in-one diapers were just too expensive.

I chose pocket diapers because they seemed to be the middle of the road- more affordable, and easier to use than other types.
Well, after almost three years, two kids, and experience with every.single.diaper type, and over a dozen brands- I'm here to call bulls--- on that chart.

There is no "easiest" cloth diaper.

They all have their pros and cons, which goes far beyond just the price, but they're all easy.

Don't get me wrong, I liked my pocket diapers when I used them.
I bought them at a good price, and they did their job.
They were easy to use, and I didn't mind the stuffing.

Pocket diapers, it turned out, required more work than using a diaper cover with a flat or a prefold. Stuffing diapers, and then un-stuffing when they were used kind of did it in for me.
I hated having to touch pee- soaked diapers, or maneuver around poo to get the inserts out.

I want a diaper I can just toss into the pail and forget about.

I understand that there are pocket diapers that you supposedly don't need to unstuff if you use their dedicated inserts, but these wouldn't work for me because of my next issue:

Then there's also my beef with most of them automatically coming with microfiber inserts.
Some people are okay with microfiber, but I am pretty adamantly pro-natural fibers for a multitude of reasons.
I quickly swapped mine out for cotton flour sack towels, which was not only an extra expense, but I was also stuck with this stash of microfiber inserts, which seemed so wasteful to me.

Pockets are probably the most bulky choice of diapers, too.

Once the pocket diaper is stuffed, it is an easy go on the bum, which does make it a great choice for caregivers.

All-in-one diapers can be finicky to wash, due to their thick layering of fabrics.
They also take longest to dry. And- get this: most AIO come with tongues that need to be folded or put into place before actually putting them on the bum- which makes them just as "complicated" to put on as a cover with a pad-folded insert.

So which diapering system did I ultimately switch to after I had my second baby?
(and two in diapers)

Covers and flats/prefolds.
When you pad-fold the insert into the cover, it becomes an all-in-two diaper system.
Which, to me, has all of the pros in cloth diapering: affordable (this is the cheapest diaper system), easy to use (just put the cover on with the insert laying in there!), easy to wash, quick to dry.

And the con: you need to fold an insert.
Which is no more labor intensive than stuffing and un-stuffing a pocket, and can be as complicated as it is to fold the soaker tongue of an AIO in two (not at all).

As of today, I have one lone pocket diaper in my stash.
It was sent to my by a cloth diaper brand when I first began my Instagram account a year ago. I partially hold on to it for the sentimental reason that it was the first time a brand noticed me and offered to send me a product.
I use it as a cover.

All-in-ones have recently began to make their way into my stash- most for free as promotions, a couple I have bought.

I like AIOs. They are easy to use.
But are they THE easiest?
No way.

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