June 2018 NEW Cloth Diaper Print Releases- Details on All Major Brands

We're seeing the beginning of summer cloth diaper prints being released, and are they good this year!!

As you know, when it comes to limited edition prints, they can sell out fast.
There's nothing worse than finding out about a print release too late, and then having to wait it out on the BST.

So check back here to stay in the know about all the cloth diaper releases, from all the major brands!
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Cloth Diaper Companies: If you have a new or upcoming diaper release this month, please feel free to contact me so I can get it added!

This posting will be updated throughout the month, as new prints are revealed and released.
All photos are click-able.

June 1 - 9
Cotton Babies' Lochy Ducky- Exclusively through Cotton Babies June Cloth Diaper Collectors Club

June 1:
Thirsties' Palm Paradise and Tortuga- Available through participating Thirsties retailers for a limited time

Buttons Diaper's Shortcake- Available through participating Buttons retailers for a limited time

June 4:
Lalabye Baby's Lily Bee- Available through participating Lalabye Baby retailers for a limited time

Mother ease Watermelon, Pink Flamingo, Sail Away, and Sea Turtles swim diapers- available through Mother ease
Bambino Mio Rainforest Collection- Available at participating retailers

June 7:
Lighthouse Kid's Company Funfetti and Red, White and Bloom- Exclusively through Green Path Baby for a limited time

June 8:
Thirsties' Good Fortune- Exclusively through Spray Pal for a limited time

Week of June 10-16
June 13, 10 AM CST:
Best Bottom + Planet Wise Grand Finale- Exclusively through Nicki's Diapers for a limited time

June 14

10 AM EDT:
Smart Bottoms' Independence Adventure- Exclusively through Lil' Tulip's for a limited time

Lighthouse Kids Company's Beach Garden, Bug's Life, and Dream Weaver- Exclusively through Nicki's Diaper's for a limited time

June 15. 12 PM EDT:
Buttons' Cosmos- Exclusively through Diaper Junction for a limited time

Week of June 17- 23
June 18
10 AM CST:
Nicki's Diapers' Brainfreeze- New regular-lineup for Nicki's Diapers
12 PM CST:
Smart Bottoms Far Travels- Available exclusively through Abby's Lane for a limited time

BumGenius Playball! Series- Now available from Cotton Babies. This series comes with an interesting ordering process, so check it out!

June 19, 11 PM CST:
Smart Bottoms' Incognito- Available through participating Smart Bottoms retailers for a limited time

June 20, 10 AM CST:
Imagine and Planet Wise Palm Beach- Available at participating retailers

June 21, 9 PM CST
Lalabye Baby Sarchi- Re-releasing at participating retailers for a limited time

June 22
Buttons Diapers Antsy Pants- Available at participating retailers for a limited time

Lighthouse Kid's Company Violet's Garden- Available exclusively at Abby's Lane for limited time

 Week of 24-30

June 26, 10 AM CST
Best Bottom Mystery Machine- Available at participating Best Bottom retailers for a limited time

Please check back frequently! New releases are announced almost daily in this industry!

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  1. Yay!!! Love that I can see what's coming out! Thanks for sharing this info Kaitlin!