Newborn Origami Cloth Diaper Flat Fold, Step-by-Step- PLUS How to Make ANY Flat Fold Fit a Newborn

I struggled to cloth diaper my first two babies from birth.
My first, I was inexperienced and overwhelmed.

With my second, I had the sad realization that nothing in my stash could withstand his peeing.
Flour sacks and the newborn prefolds I had were saturated and leaking in less than 30 minutes.

When you have a newborn, 30 minutes is the blink of an eye. Changing a diaper that frequently was absolutely not something I was going to do, so I went back to disposables until he was about six weeks old, again.

THIS TIME, I am determined to find the solution. I'm far more involved in the cloth diaper community, and know much more about brands, and materials, and types of cloth diapers.

The majority of my newborn absorbency is going to be one-size organic cotton birdseye flats.

Flats are thirsty, offer a ton of coverage, and aren't as bulky as prefolds.
Buying one-size means baby can use it beyond birth, and that it will be more absorbent than a smaller flat would be.

It's actually pretty easy to turn any one-size flat diaper into a newborn size, with one added step before folding.

Here is the newborn Origami fold:

1. Fold all corners of the flat to the center. This is THE STEP that will allow you to make your flat into a newborn-size anything.

2. Fold in half.

3. Fold in half again to make a square. Note the top corner, we're going to need that for the next step.

4. Pull the first layer of the top corner over, so the edge that was on the left now lines up with the top.

5. Flip it all over so it's now face-down.

6. Take the square edge and fold toward the center in thirds.

7. Ready for baby! Slide under baby's bum. Fold the front up over the crotch, then roll around the legs for a more snug fit. Pin or tuck the waist to secure it.

Prefer a kite fold? Newspaper fold?
All you need to do is fold all the corners to the center to make a smaller square, and you can do ANY flat fold your heart desires for your newborn!


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