Grovia Hybrid Shell Cloth Diaper Review

Grovia is a brand that I always heard mentioned, but never really knew much about.

It really wasn't even on my radar, mainly in part to my lack of interest in their current prints and colors.

People always raved about Grovia hybrids, and some of their retired prints are my favorites I've ever seen on diapers, so I took to the BST (buy-sell-trade) sites to seek some out
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Grovia hybrid shells are a one-size, TPU cover with a mesh inner.
Grovia markets them to be used with their:
But they can be used with any absorbent insert of your choice, except raw microfiber.

Though it is not wipeable due to the mesh inner, (I'll note in over two years, I've literally NEVER wiped a cover between uses), the shell can be reused throughout multiple diaper changes, as long as it is not wet or soiled, by replacing the insert.
Grovia shells are available in both snap and hook-and-loop closure options.
They are meant to fit from approximately 8-30 lbs.
The shells retail for $16.95.

What I like:
To me, fit is everything in a cloth diaper. I've mentioned in previous reviews that I am extremely partial to diapers that have a modern, trim fit. No saggy bums or high fits for me. Grovia hybrid shells check all the boxes in the fit department for me.

I was wary of the mesh at first, but it actually does a great job of preventing the inside cover from feeling damp between uses.
Though the price point puts it on my second tier of budgeting cloth diapering, as an all-in-two diaper, it is an affordable diapering system to use.
The quality is great, and all the used diapers I own are still in excellent condition.

What I don't like:
I know if you're new to cloth, you'll probably think this is crazy, but the lack of variety in prints in colors is what stops me from purchasing more new. I'm not thrilled about anything currently available from Grovia, which is why I choose to peruse BST pages for more.

I'm not crazy about their hook and loop (though I should mention, I'm not in general, anyway). My biggest issue is the pilling it causes on the front, which in turn collects crazy lint.

I was also surprised to find there is a huge difference in the size and fit of the hook and loop and snap shells. The snaps run much, much larger. I prefer the smaller fit of the hook and loop, but I prefer snaps.

Here is my 16-month-old old, about 22 lbs, who wears 18-month clothes:

Here is my 2.5-year-old, about 27 lbs, and wears 2T clothing: 

My husband complained about how much harder their snaps are to use, compared the generic ones used across the board on other brands.

Anyone else love when their go-with-the-flow-husband shares their opinions on different cloth diapers? He always has input on any new ones we try, and I LOVE having a second, completely unbiased perspective, especially from someone who cloth diapers out of necessity, and not obsession, like me.

- Affordable diaper system
- Versatile covers can be used with any insert
- Unique prints and colors
- Trim, modern fit

- Hook and loop shells run small for a one-size: many toddlers may outgrow before their diaper days end
- Snaps shells run large, and may not fit until later than most one-size
- Not a huge variety of colors and prints on the market at a time

Overall, this is one of my absolute favorite cloth diaper covers. I'll be adding bunches to me stash in the future (husband cringes). And hopefully they'll release some new prints or colors that speak more to me this year!

Grovia themselves
Diaper Junction (free shipping)
Nicki's Diapers (free shipping)

Don't forget to check Grovia's seconds page for extra discounted diapers!

I'm writing this review pregnant and hungry, and I see that Grovia also sells caramel (my favorite candy) on their website. And they're even from a tree-nut-free facility, so they're safe for our house. You guys, I can't. I think I need to order them, just for research purposes.

Have you tried Grovia? Their wipes are one of my absolute favorite cloth diaper accessories.

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