Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cloth Diaper Cover Review

Have you ever bought a diaper just for the print?

That is my relationship with Smart Bottoms. They have, in my opinion, the absolute best diaper prints on the market.

They're detailed, gorgeous, have an amazing variety, and are always coming out with something new.

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When I first saw Heinrich, I had to get this adorable dragon print.

I did absolutely no review checking or feature research before purchasing, which is so unlike me. I just went straight for the print.

I've added a few covers since then, and with 9+ months of use, I wanted to share our experience.

Features: The Too Smart cover is a single-layer PUL cover. It has double gussets, and insert tuck flaps* on each end. It has vertical waist snaps, and three rows of rise snaps.

It is unique in that the waist snaps are male, instead of the usual female. It also has quite possibly the largest inner leg gussets on the market, so though it is a double gusset, both sit against the leg.

*I realized I've never actually shared my personal opinion on tuck flaps on any of my other reviews. I'm personally not a fan. I can live with them, but I'd prefer to live without them.
Mainly because I don't use them, so they are just a place where water annoyingly pools while I'm spraying diapers. I'm always glad when my kids don't poop in a diaper with them.

Smart Bottoms sells Too Smart inserts that are compatible with these covers, but you can use any flat, prefold, fitted or insert of your choice (except uncovered microfiber).

Of course, we use pad-folded flour sack towels.

What I like: Beside just the print, I actually like the crazy-large double gussets on this diaper. I kind of like how they give an effortless snug fit on my kids legs. The cover has a broad fit range, fitting both my son as a baby, and now my toddler at 2.5, who still doesn't even have all the rise settings out. Now that we have the fit mastered, I really like how they fit on my boys. They would work amazing over fitteds, or for a fluffy nighttime diaper. And the quality is awesome.

What I don't like: My biggest qualm honestly, is the price point. I like my diaper covers at or below $15. Too Smart covers reach the very highest limit I will ever go for a diaper at $22. I don't cloth to save money, but I have my limits on what I will spend on something my kids poop inThe fit can be tricky too. These sit much higher than a lot of other diaper covers, and it took me awhile to master a good fit. Well that, and the tightness of the elastics. I have tiny kids, so the elastics don't bother me, but it's a complaint I've heard often. I can definitely see the tight elastics being an issue, especially since the PUL on this cover isn't as soft as others.
I do like the fit, but there's still something about the all-around high fit and extra-fabric bum that makes me not absolutely love the diaper.

Fit on my 15-month-old (19 lbs):

Fit on my 2 1/2-year-old (26 lbs):

I also feel the need to mention that there is a lack of hip snaps on this diaper. It is not always an issue, but with how slippery the outer PUL is, a particularly active kid will occasionally end up with wonky wing flaps.

Overall, this diaper cover isn't my favorite, but it's also not by any means a bad cover. I like it.
There will definitely be more Too Smarts showing up in my mailbox, because I can't resist those prints.

- Versatile- can be used with any absorbency of choice
- Fit a large size range
- Prints and colors to die for
- Made in the USA

- Higher price point ($22)
- Can be an initial struggle to figure out fit
- Elastics may be too snug and rough for some
- Like a lot of brands, the covers often get left out of limited edition print releases

I think the Too Smart cover is worth trying. Especially if there's a print that you've been eying up, go for it!

Too Smart covers can be purchased at Kelly's Closet, Amazon, or your favorite Smart Bottoms retailer (thought not all carry the cover).

Psst... Have you seen their brand-new regular-line-up print (launching March 23)??
I LOVE it!

Have you tried Smart Bottoms' cover yet? What did you think?

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