Everyone knows Snappi Baby, right?

Back in the pre-modern cloth diapering era, pins were used to fasten cloth diaper flats.
There are actually still pins out there that you can use with flats, but if you're looking to make this an easy, modernized process, Snappi is the way to go.

This post is sponsored by Snappi Baby. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission for my referral, at no extra charge to you. I only share products I love and use myself!

The Snappi is made from a non-toxic, latex-free material.
They stretch over and grab the fabric with their teeth to hold the flat (or prefold, or fitted) diaper securely closed, like so:

1. Hook on one side.

2. Pull across and hook on the opposite side:

3. Pull bottom tab down and hook on the bottom:

The perfect closure can be done swiftly and with one hand.

I absolutely love Snappis, and it is one of the few "extra" cloth diapering products I recommend (if you've read my blog post on what you really need for cloth diapering).

Though I  am a hard-core pad-folder, I love doing flat folds occasionally with a Snappi so my boys can run around without a cover to air out, or for extra diaper coverage when we run out.

I'll be honest, when I first heard Snappi was releasing a size 2 of their beloved diaper fastener, I thought 'I don't need that'.

Big babies are not made in this family. My toddler is small, and even though the original Snappi may be getting a little tight to use for him, I imagined the size 2 would be this monster that wrapped around his hips.

I was so wrong.

When they are compared un-stretched, there is actually a very slight size difference between them:

But when it is put on, that little extra goes a long way in getting a nice, snug hold without having to stretch so tightly.

Size 2 on the toddler (24 months, 27 lbs):

Size 2 on the baby (9 months, 19ish lbs):

Side note: I took photos of the size 1 on each kid for comparison, but there is very little difference in the visual, so I am sparing the extra images.

I really love this size difference, I think it was a good move on their part to come out with this larger size.
If this was on the market at the time of my original purchase, I probably would have skipped the original size 1 and went straight for the toddler size 2.

Have you tried Snappis yet? Curious about the new size 2?

You can purchase Snappis in both sizes in packs of three or five from amazon.com, snappibaby.com, or Diaper Junction.

OR you could possibly win one from me!

Snappi Baby sent me two packs (of five) of the size 2 Snappis to give away to two separate winners.

Entering is super easy- enter your email and comment with what kind of insert you would use your Snappi with:

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Shop Diaper Junction:
I have already written a post about traveling with cloth diapers, but I wanted to include in my guide what I do when I just run out for the day... plus what I use for a diaper bag.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission for my referral, at no extra cost to you. I'm saving up to buy myself a cup of coffee so I can keep this thing going. As always, I would never recommend something I don't stand behind and use myself!

Now let's just put this out there, I don't leave my house, like, ever.
It's not something I enjoy, at all. But there are things that force you out, like running out of food.

I really like to cloth diaper even when running out, because every time I do, that's two less disposables wasted.
I will admit, I do use disposables occasionally when we go out. I'm a huge advocate of cloth doesn't have to be all or nothing.
Anytime we are driving an hour or more, I generally will use disposable because they just hold more, longer without leaking.

Otherwise, depending on where we're going, I pack fluff.

Unless we are going straight to Grandma's,  I put a more absorbent insert in the diaper.
I like my Buttons cotton hemp inserts, my Thirsties hemp used as a booster, or heck, even a cloth wipe to help absorb extra without over-fluffing their bum.
This will get me longer without having to change any diapers when we're out. I'm not a fan of that, and avoid when possible.

If we're out more than a few hours, I pack a couple clean diapers and a travel wetbag in our "diaper bag" - this cute cheap guy I bought off of Amazon (I love using a backpack because it leaves my hands free).

(Pretend there's a nice photo of it here. I'm a busy mom, guys. Sometimes I don't achieve all my goals)

If I'm going for a long day, I pack a second bag of just diapers.
This is the downside of cloth: it's not super compact.
(But all-in-two diapers definitely take up less space than any other kinds.)

If baby needs a change, I put on a clean diaper, seal the dirty in the wetbag, and I'm set to keep going.

If it's poop, I plop it in the toilet, if that's a possibility.
If it's not possible, I close up the diaper on itself like this and deal with it when I get home:

This is also a great way to store dirty diapers if you forgot your wetbag. I've done it with wet diapers when I've forgotten mine.

If your diaper doesn't have cross snaps, buy a different brand.

Just kidding.

But they are super helpful.

If you don't have a wetbag, a grocery or ziploc bag will do the job.

Though I swear to you, a good wetbag will allow even your poopy diaper to go incognito in your bag. Seriously, been there.

Cloth diapering when out is really not any harder than disposables, and it's just like at home.
The only downsides of cloth over disposables when you're out is:
1. they do not hold as much a disposable, and
2. they take up more space.

1. use a more absorbent insert
2. well, I've seen the diaper bags out there, they're huge, so I really don't think this will be an issue for most people. Extras can always be stashed in the car, too.

I will be sharing my cloth diaper storage cover covers, inserts, and accessories. 
Let me tell you a little love story.

Once upon a time, in a little town in the Midwest, a mama was seeking the perfect nighttime cloth diapering routine. This mom was tired and busy, with two little ones under two, who woke her every day in their soaked diapers, which she rushed to change before they leaked all over the entire house, basically.

Disposables were the easiest solution. Some days, she wondered if she'd ever find an easy, effective nighttime cloth diaper.

One day, an adorable print caught her eye on Instagram. "Ohh new prints!" she exclaimed. "I have to try these!"

You see, this mom also loves to take pictures of her kids fluff bums, and share and promote cloth diapers on the internet. This is a true story, FYI.
So this mom reached out to the company and talked to a very nice lady named Melissa (hi, Melissa!). When Melissa asked her what kind of insert she would like to try with this diaper, the mom responded with "nighttime!" on a whim.

Then the rest was history.

 Mother ease sent me this diaper to help promote their new (adorable) Fashionables print line. All expressed opinions are my own.

Mother ease sent me the Perfect Size Wizard Duo (their all-in-two diaper) with a Night Time insert.
This truly is a wonderful and unique design that I am clearly very much in love with, so I wanted to share all the deets. 

First Impressions: 

When it arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed.

The insert for this diaper is unlike any I have seen:

It is very thick, it's kind of shaped like a fitted, but is actually an all-in-two that snaps into the cover, and the outside is akin to athletic wicking jersey. GENIUS for a stay-dry diaper.
The cover itself is an adorable detailed print, single-layer PUL, with soft, mesh trim.
The hip snaps are really genius, too. You can't even tell it has them from the front, but it does. It's a third snap along the waist.

I panicked a little when I saw the lack of rise snaps. I never in my life have seen a diaper without. 'My babies thighs are tiny!'- said the little voice in my head. The elastics don't seem to have a ton a stretch like a lot of the diapers I have. These fears were quickly squashed once the diaper was on.

I put it right into the wash, hung the cover to dry, and tossed the insert in the dryer for what I thought would be partial dry. It was completely dry in one cycle.
Have I mentioned this is the thickest insert I've ever handled
My heart rate went up a little. 
This is too good to be true.


When it was time for bed, I just had to put it together.
It's an all-in-two, like I mentioned, so the insert snaps right into the cover.
There's two snaps in the front (one on each side), four in the back.

And then these extra snaps, which I realized are for snapping the insert down in front if you need to (I didn't).
(You could even slip a booster in between the insert and cover if you need extra absorbency.)


Then it just snaps right on like an all-in-one. Easy.

I was so impressed with the fit, which initially had me nervous. It fit like a dream. This is the medium duo (for 18-27lbs) with the one-size night time insert, on Daxton (8 months old) who's between 18-20 lbs:

As you can see, he will be able to stick out this size for awhile. We are only going out on the waist snap on one side. 

The elastics fit nicely without being tight, with the bonus of having a belly elastic. I'm a BIG fan of belly elastics on diaper covers.

Then there's the trim, trim, trim butt:

Look at that print detail (heart eyes)

I was still skeptical at this point. Is this single insert going to last all night? 

I had a (disposable) diaper on stand-by in case I needed to change in the night.
I didn't.

When we woke up in the morning, I took my dear sweet time getting us out of bed, getting myself dressed and awake before I went and changed my happy, little guy.

It was just over eleven hours in the diaper before I changed him.
The insert wasn't even soaked through. There was a good few inches in the back that were still completely dry.

It's an easy-on, easy-off diaper. Unlike my other (failed) nighttime diaper attempts, which were bulky BULKY and a pain to fold, pin, take off, this is SO simple.
You can just change out the insert and use the cover again the next night.

Next up, toddler test time.
Graham is a tiny toddler, (23 months old) on the high end of weight range for this size cover (probably close to 27 pounds now).

The medium cover fit Graham great, he successfully wore it for twelve hours last night.
The insert was completely saturated for him with no leaks.
Wait, let me say that a little louder, NO LEAKS!


The Wizard Duo with the Night Time insert is a great option for a simple, absorbent nighttime diaper.

  • Super thirsty insert: boasts 425-500ml, or up to 12 hours of absorbency. 
  • Trim fit
  • Simple design is so easy to use. Snaps on as easy an all-in-one.
  • Full coverage with extra fold-down absorbency in front for belly sleepers
  • Fast-drying insert
  • Sizes: comes in small, medium, large and OS cover options
  • The insert is a synthetic material, which not all parents are fond of
  • Due to the snaps, the cover can only be used with Duo inserts. As a minimalist mom, I prefer covers to be multi-functioning
  • Cost: At $22 USD for the insert, and $16-$20 for the covers, it's not a super affordable option, especially between two kids, but are any nighttime diapers? (Pssst... coupon code at bottom of post)

Their new line of prints is so cute, I had a tough time even deciding which ONE I wanted. Now I need to choose another to order for Graham to use. I'm definitely a fan of nature prints!

Now let me take a moment to gush a little about this company.
Mother ease is a Canadian company created by a stay-at-home-mom, Erika. They've been around since 1991. So have I, actually.

They are an AMAZING cloth diaper resource, with tons of information on their site, a blog, and the encouragement to reach out directly with any questions. They even have a live chat available during regular business hours!

Their cloth diapers come with a crazy warranty, unmatched by any I've ever seen (from their site): 
"Lifetime Warranty on our Snaps + Elastics
1 Year Warranty on our Poly Urethane Laminate (PUL)
1 Year Warranty on our diapers against defects in materials and workmanship
6 Month Warranty on our diaper covers against defects in materials and workmanship"

I am SO happy I ventured into testing Mother ease. They are best known for their amazing fitteds, but this nighttime diaper is absolutely love for my family. They have gained a loyal customer in me. I am so unbelievably glad to ditch the nightly disposables once and for all!

Shop at Motherease (no affiliate).

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