The BEST Cloth Diaper Hack EVER: How to Make Fleece Liners for Cloth Diapers

 Editing in: 
I have since invested in a diaper sprayer, but this was my method for about a year.
 I will be updating and editing some details and photos. I initially used to buy fleece for $1.50/yard but that does not seem to be the norm anymore.

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There's a hack or two out there when it comes to cloth diapering, but this one, to me, takes the cake.
Or in this case, poop.

Some people spray their diapers, some people dunk 'n' swish, some people scrape (sorry guys, this one makes me cringe).

I don't like poop.
I don't want to do any of those things.
I don't even wanna deal with it.

There's this magical thing called "fleece" that ensures you don't have to.

Poop doesn't stick to fleece.

Put a liner made of fleece in your cloth diaper and that sh** will just plop right off  into the toilet.

Praise the porcelain throne, you don't have to stick your hands in there!

"What if my baby's shiz isn't ploppable you say?"

Just toss the liner. In the garbage. You'll be out...less than a penny (I'll explain later)

Critics say - "Well, isn't that creating waste? Throwing AWAY a piece of fleece?"

And I say, first off, it's a heck of a lot better than tossing a whole disposable diaper.
And second, it's a heck of a lot better than tossing out a disposable liner every time it's used.

So here's what you do -unless you're one of those dunk 'n' swishers who's cool with that -all the power to you;

Go out to your local Walmart, craft store, Amazon, wherever sells fabric by the yard (Amazon actually DOES, but I cannot in good conscience recommend any. If you do try some, let me know!).
Buy a yard of fleece.
It will probably put you out about $3-$4.
*Walmart sells these cheap microfleece blankets for $2.50- $3 that you can also use*

Buy a light color, by the way. Poop blends right into camo, imagine that.

Find an insert, and cut the fleece just wider than it.
I like wider coverage, and you have to allow room for shrinking with washing.

Remember, these are catching poop so the edges don't have to be perfect. 

I get exactly 30 out of one yard.

That comes to about 13 cents a liner.
That you can use a hundred times over -so really, there's not even currency small enough for how much they'll cost you over time.

FYI: disposable liners cost close to the same price per liner, but you are only using them once.
Oh hi, remember me? I'm cheap.

Now, every time you put a diaper on your kiddo, lay them in there, like so:

Oh, did I mention they also double as stay-dry liners? Use them in your nighttime diapers to keep those bums feeling dry all night.

And then tell all your friends about how amazing fleece liners are -they need to know!

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  1. Even better if you've got some time to browse- Walmart has a bargain fabric area that starts at $1 a yard. After all, with its only job being a poop liner, does it matter what print or color you end up with? I've gotten "odds and ends" clearance to 50 cents for almost a full yard too. Thank you for posting!!

  2. I was just asking myself if I could cut liners from some type of fabric to set in my diapers and skip the whole poop scenario. You read my mind!

  3. YES! We use fleece liners at night for the stay-dry factor. If I was afraid of poop (I've gotten used to it), I would definitely use them during the day, too. We so many disposable liners that were passed on to us/I bought before I knew better that are just sitting in the closet. I'm saving them for when I sell my stash.

  4. can you spray off fleece liners? i’m young and i have decided to do cloth because of waste and waste of money that diapers are. so this question may be dumb, but thank you!

    1. Yes, you can! It will make spraying easier. Great choice to cloth! :)

  5. So the fleece liner goes on top of the flour sack towel?

  6. Doesn’t this go against the all natural fibers idea? I’m highly intrigued by this idea, but I feel like this would be counterproductive in a way.

    1. Yes, it does! A lot of people don't use fleece at all in diapers, because they want natural fibers only, especially against baby's bottom. There's different kind of liners you can use, like bamboo or wool. A lot of disposable liners are made up of natural fibers too, if you're looking for the poop clean-up benefit.